Saturday, July 10, 2010

Today was a long but fun day. Sarah and I got up around 5:00 and started out on our 12 hour trip across the lovely state of Oklahoma. The landscape was very pleasant. Beautiful farm land. The road at some points seemed to go in a perfect straight line for up to a dozen miles.

I was really excited to see a number of animals today.
Fox, Mule deer buck and doe, three female elk, a couple pronghorns antelope. We also saw prairie dogs. A couple young ones even ran right out in front of our car. Lucky for them, they both made it across the road safely.
We did hit a tire in the road however. We were on a one lane highway with steady traffic on both sides. And all of a sudden a truck tire comes out from underneath the car in front of us and we had no choice but to go over it. It hit our undercarriage pretty hard so we stopped and checked it out. Everything seemed to be okay. The car is still running well. Everyone should keep there fingers crossed.
The landscape change drastically when we hit New Mexico. There was a lot of red rock hills and mountains. I was keeping a watchful eye for a wild cat.. Like a mountain lion, bobcat. I did not see anything like that though... Maybe in a future state.

Colorado is absolutely beautiful. Our final destination for the day is crested butte. The last 50 miles of our journey was a road that ran along the Gunison river.

I am currently blogging at 9000 feet. We are at the bottom of about 4 different mountains. Bob and Jim you would love this. We are in prime elk country. Sarah and I are here with her friend from Tufts Jaclyn. Tomorrow we are going to a local ski mountain to watch a blue grass festival. We are very excited..
I am now going to make everyone in mass really jealous. The temp is in the 40 degree area at night and 85 during the day due to the elevation. We are going to sleep well tonight. We have a double bed, where for the last two nights we had to sleep in a twin. It was way to small for the two of us.
Miss everyone talk to you soon.

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  1. Wait, you two are sharing a BED? When was the marriage and why wasn't I invited?

    ...miss you both...