Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today sarah and i are in wisconsin. We are at america's largest water park in Wisconsin Dells. We stayed last night at a cheap motel around town. We are really excited for the day at the park. Sarah's back is feeling better but still little sore. So I am a little more excited than she is. We will take it easy don't worry. After this we're headed up niagara falls tonight hopefully we'll make it there by morning. We are definatly gonna have to do some driving tonight. I am at the park in the parking lot right now looking at a giraffe it's magical. I think someday i would like to own a giraffe.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Sarah, Becca, and I had a great time in Seattle. We stayed with My (ricks) cousin charlie, his lovely wife Mellisa and their adorable young boy Jack. We really enjoyed catching up with Missy and chuck. The girls of course were going crazy over the baby. There house is beautiful and was a very comfortable night sleep. We got to see chuck looking all handsome in his flight suit...
Thanks again for housing us everyone!

Our second night in Seattle was spent in the city with friends of the Webb's. Julie and her mother Dotty and her husband Matt. We were able to see a lot of the sites. Space needle, pike market (where they throw the fish), and a few other sites around the city.
We had a nice dinner with them... See Pics for visual evidence.
This picture of Sarah, Becca, Myself, and Julie is when we were video chatting with the webbs. Never had done that before.. Pretty fun.

Don't worry we will be putting up more picture from Seattle and the rest of the stops.

Excitement in Wyoming

Hello all! This is Weeb from my cousin's house in WY. We arrived here yesterday just in time to take a walk across some of their property before dark.

It is beautiful here! Sukey and her husband Rod have a wonderful many hundred acre ranch with a herd of 200 head of beef cattle, 5 dogs, and about a dozen horses.

We got up at 6 this morning to go on a trail ride across the property before it got too hot here (one of the things Becca and I were MOST excited about for this trip.)

Unfortunately things didn't go as planned... Sukey had warned us that her and her husband hadn't been riding much recently and that the horses might be "fresh". So we put Rick on the quietest horse and Becca and I were prepared to deal with fresh horses... or so I thought.

We were mounting up right outside the barn and I was sitting on my horse waiting when he suddenly started bucking and I was SO close to saving myself but went off the side and landed on my lower back slamming my head into the hard ground.

I can't give a first hand description of what happened next because I was knocked out... but apparently Rick jumped off his horse to get to me and Becca called 911 because I was unconscious and making scary noises. An ambulance came and I don't remember anything until I was half-way to the hospital (although apparently I was awake and talking before that, just disoriented).

I've had both a CT of my head and x-rays of my lumbar spine because I have a pretty good bump/scrape there, and everything looks fine! I'm going to be pretty sore for a couple of days... but it could have been a lot worse!

It was a pretty exciting day! And not a total waste... SInce I passed out on the couch when we got back from the hospital Rick got to go on a "man afternoon" with my cousin's husband and they are off shooting prairie dogs (sure sounds like something he will love!)

Love to all! We'll see you in a little over a week!

P.S. sorry about no pictures! Haven't made it to WalMart yet to get the missing connection cord for our camera! Be patient! They will come!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red Wood

This is a picture of one of the massive stumps that scattered the forest. The redwoods were bigger than I imagined.

The Oregon Coast

Sarah, becca, and I camped along the coast of Oregon. The Campsite was about a half mile away from the beach. The beach had some fun jetty that we walked down. It was really cool. The jetty went out at least a quarter mile. Towards the end of the jetty the rocks got bigger and more fun to climb on. But the girls did not enjoy that as much as I did.
We spent the night relaxing and were in bed by ten. We are getting really good at cooking over a open fire. The key is two things.... 1. Flame control so nothing burns. 2. Heat control depending on the dish. We will master outdoor cooking by the end of the trip.

Becca has been having fun. She has helped with the driving, and has been a joy to have around our campsite. She is new to the long drives and likes to read every sign we pass. I hope she gets bored of this quickly. It is kinda dangerous to be reading every bilboard while driving. But luckly she is a very safe driver.

We are all having a great time. MIss you all.
Special shout out to Liz Sawyer.. (Mother) Miss you.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

red wood forest

We stayed last night in the redwood forest in northern california. We finally got a chance to use our crock pot cast iron. We made pinto beans. Their word giant slugs that were over 5 inches long. Pictures and details will come soon

Friday, July 16, 2010