Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catch-up: The First Day

Hi All,

We are comfortably at Catie Hennessy's house in Oklahoma and here we have internet and time to catch up on our trip so far! We have had a really good time. On Monday morning we got up promptly and set out on our 9 hour drive from Alder Creek, NY to Ohio. We drove through a lot of vineyard in the finger lakes region of NY and Pennsylvania. A lot of grapes... It was so pretty!

Ohio was fun, and our campsite was very pretty and overlooked Grand Lake. It was really hot... like Mid-90s, which was perfectly fine while we were in the AC filled car. When we got to Grand Lake we were excited about a swim!! Unfortunately there was a Blue-Green Algae bloom at the lake and NO SWIMMING ALLOWED! The water at our beach was the color of MiracleGro... gross. Needless to say we opted for a cold shower. We did take a drive around the lake and a walk up a fun little canal. Over all a good time. :o)

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