Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Oregon Coast

Sarah, becca, and I camped along the coast of Oregon. The Campsite was about a half mile away from the beach. The beach had some fun jetty that we walked down. It was really cool. The jetty went out at least a quarter mile. Towards the end of the jetty the rocks got bigger and more fun to climb on. But the girls did not enjoy that as much as I did.
We spent the night relaxing and were in bed by ten. We are getting really good at cooking over a open fire. The key is two things.... 1. Flame control so nothing burns. 2. Heat control depending on the dish. We will master outdoor cooking by the end of the trip.

Becca has been having fun. She has helped with the driving, and has been a joy to have around our campsite. She is new to the long drives and likes to read every sign we pass. I hope she gets bored of this quickly. It is kinda dangerous to be reading every bilboard while driving. But luckly she is a very safe driver.

We are all having a great time. MIss you all.
Special shout out to Liz Sawyer.. (Mother) Miss you.

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