Thursday, July 8, 2010

illinois camping

Camping in Illinois was a lot of fun. There was no disgusting green blue algae. We were able to finally do some swimming and some fishing. The water was cool and the fish were a plenty. I caught about a dozen or more five pound fish. See the pictures for one of the monsters.
The campsite is right on a lagoon off Carlye Lake. the water is pretty. There was very little bugs which made it easy to cook tacos in our cast iron right over the fire. We have been doing half gas stove half campfire stove.
We are getting very proficient at setting up and down camp. We can break down camp and load the car in about 20 minutes. And set up camp in about the same time. Everything has a place in the car. It is shocking to see the camp set up and think that it all fits in Sarah's small car. (the car by the way has been performing great and is surprisingly spacious).
We are going hiking.. Talk to Y'all soon.

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