Friday, July 16, 2010

Catch-up: Colorado

Hi Guys! Its Weeb from San Francisco!

Before we got here we spent 3 days in Colorado... which was amazing! We spent one afternoon in the sun on Crested Butte ski mountain for a Bluegrass festival. The weather was perfect and the music was so good!

The picture below is the view from Jaclyn and Ryan's house in Colorado! Not too bad!

Ryan is a professional fly-fishing guide on the Gunnison river and he took us out on his boat for 2 float trips! We lost a lot of flies... and the fish weren't really biting... but we had sooo much fun! :o)

We also went on a hike up to a mountain top lake! It was like glacial blue! The weather got really spotty while we were hiking! Very stormy... but it passed us by! Crested Butte is the wildflower capital of Colorado! We saw some really pretty flowers!

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