Friday, July 16, 2010

San Francisco

Hello all of our loyal followers. This is Rick from Kate Peterson's house in San Fran, Cali. This is day two for Sarah and I to be here. We picked Becca up at the airport this morning.
We have seen some of the sites around the city.. The Golden Gate Bridge, some parks, and Baker's Beach that overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge. Tonight I think we are going out to get sushi which we are all really excited about.

Becca is sleepy right now because of here long flight out here... I just keep telling her to stop her complaining.

Kate's house is very nice. It is on the outside part of the city. Man the hills here are steep.

Becca says hi to everyone and a special shout to mama Webb.

Tomorrow morning we are leaving for the northern coast of cali, eventually up to Oregon. We will be camping in the Redwood Forest tomorrow night.
We are going to be making pinto beans which I am personally really excited about. They will take several hours to cook and we will be cooking them in our dutch oven. Anything slow cooked with salted pork is alright by me.

The camera is still missing the connection to the computer. But we are working on it.

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